All orders printed and shipped in the U.S. 🇺🇸

What is Virginia Nation Tees? VIRGINIA NATION TEES is a tee shirt store in celebration of the great Commonwealth of Virginia! We celebrate what's new and exciting in Virginia with tees. The T-shirt is the great American standard item of apparel everyone enjoys. 

Inspiration: This store is inspired by what makes Virginia a great place to be joined by great design. The people, places and things we love related to Virginia drive the design ideas of VIRGINIA NATION TEES.

Shipping delays related to COVID: We print in the U.S. only to focus on buying American only and to avoid delays in shipping though some shirts are from outside of the U.S.A. they are all printed here. 

What is the customer service contact information? You can e-mail Virginia Nation Ts at Ask@VirginiaNationTs.com. You can text us at 757-272-2958. 

Can I submit a design or a suggestion? Hell yes. Please e-mail Ask@VirginiaNationTees.com with any ideas you may have.  

What are the shipping times? Your tees should arrive within ten days. 

Are your tees printed in the U.S.A? Yes.

What raw materials are the tees made out of? Typically cotton but Virginia Nation Tees focuses on selling triblend shirts. Triblends are typically made of cotton, rayon and polyester which makes them comfy and soft.

Does Virginia Nation Ts have sales? We will clearly mark the sales with discount codes as they come up.